Over the span of a decade, Med 4 Our World created the infrastructure of our OB/GYN missions to Fiji and successfully completed 247 surgeries. Their accomplishments have allowed us to continue the journey to serve. It’s our honor to share moments from those pioneering mission trips.

MED 4 FIJI | February 2024

Dr. Brody returned to Fiji to donate a laparoscopy tower and all the surgical supplies and equipment needed to perform minimally invasive abdominal and pelvic surgeries to the Fiji School of Medicine. The 9 hour journey crossed 2 islands by land and sea. The reception at the Labasa Hospital honored the training and healthcare that Med 4 Our World has provided over the last decade.

MED 4 FIJI | May 2023

After 3 years of travel restriction from the Covid pandemic, Med4OurWorld was finally able to return to Fiji with a team of 18 volunteers and 2 Fijian resident physicians who performed 20 surgeries.

Med4OurWorld 2019

MED 4 FIJI | May 2019

In 2019, MED 4 FIJI sent 2 surgical mission teams over 16 days and included 32 volunteers and 2 Fijian resident physicians who performed 30 surgeries. A renovation team also worked with local Fijians to design and build a hurricane-proof roof over the medical supply storage container and volunteer break room.

MED 4 FIJI | May 2018

The MED 4 FIJI 2018 team of 17 volunteers and a Fijian resident physician completed 33 surgical procedures.

The MED 4 renovation team helped with the completion of the new volunteer break room, constructed out of a shipping container.

Med4Fiji 2017

MED 4 FIJI | May 2017

The MED 4 FIJI 2017 team of 20 volunteers and 2 Fijian resident physicians completed 31 surgical procedures. Their efforts included the triage, stabilization, and transport of a 12 year old boy struck by a car who was critically injured with major head trauma. Miraculously, he made a full recovery.

MED 4 FIJI | May 2016

The MED 4 FIJI team of 17 volunteers completed 20 obstetric and gynecologic surgeries, including the second ever emergency cesarean section on the island!

MED 4 FIJI | 2015

The MED 4 FIJI team of 10 volunteers and a local Fijian OB/Gyn attending physician evaluated 75 patients and completed 30 surgical procedures, including the first cesarean section ever performed on the island of Taveuni!

MED 4 FIJI | 2014

On this inaugural mission trip to Fiji, the Med4OurWorld team shipped over surgical instruments and laparoscopic equipment from the United States to pave the way for all the future OB/GYN mission trips. The team of 5 volunteers performed 14 surgeries including the first laparoscopic surgeries on Taveuni island.