Our Vision

Our mission is to leave a lasting impact on the communities that we serve. MED 4 OUR WORLD has chosen to fulfill this goal by focusing on three pillars of service: Healthcare, Renovations, and Education.

Healthcare Services

MED 4 OUR WORLD’s focus is on providing medical care to underserved communities across the world. By partnering with local clinics and hospitals as well as other nonprofit organizations,MED 4 OUR WORLD has provided gynecologic and general surgeries and clinical gynecologic care to hundreds of people in both Nicaragua and Fiji and hopes to expand to other communities across the globe in the future. In order to provide the best care possible, equipment that is not otherwise available –such as laparoscopic equipment– is shipped to the facilities months before the arrival of the team. This allows the surgeons involved in each mission to introduce state of the art medical procedures. MED 4 OUR WORLD is proud to have introduced minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery to Taveuni, Fiji and performed the first ever cesarean section on the island! MED 4 OUR WORLD is grateful to all who donate and make each mission trip possible–the only reason why the vision of MED 4 OUR WORLD has become a reality is because of all the prayers and support from its donors!!!

Hospital Renovations

Hospital Renovations

MED 4 OUR WORLD not only looks to serve communities through health care, but also strives to leave a lasting impact through hospital and community renovations. Each medical mission team consists of both medical volunteers and construction volunteers. Past teams have partnered with local Fijians to renovate hospital wards, bathrooms, and seating, as well as partnered with local Fijian chiefs to create a new clean water system that will one day provide fresh running water to villages where running water is not currently available. When Fiji took a direct hit from Cyclone Winston, the largest cyclone ever documented to hit the South Pacific, MED 4 OUR WORLD was able to send volunteers to aid the relief effort within days of the devastation.  These renovations exemplify MED 4 OUR WORLD’s goal of impacting communities in developing countries in a way that will outlast the team’s short stay.

Our Vision for Education


MED 4 OUR WORLD’s goal is to leave a lasting impact above and beyond providing immediate health care and structural renovations for the community. With each mission trip, MED 4 OUR WORLD provides both training to local healthcare professionals and general health education to the community. The renovators of the team have also held classes on what simple, but crucial steps can be taken to make a house structurally sound to resist hurricane damage. Through education, MED 4 OUR WORLD looks to improve each community’s own self efficacy so that they may continue to advance their society long after each team’s departure.